Case Study

Football Survivor

A responsive web app built using React

I’m thrilled to be joining the Football Survivor Team ahead of the new season.

Jamie Redknapp, former professional footballer


Fantasy Football is a hugely popular game, played by millions of fans around the world. But it has always appealed to the more knowledgeable and dedicated of fans. What would a game look like if it was developed for the large under-addressed market of casual sports fans? Football Survivor is that game. We designed a one-pick survival game, built for the fans of fantasy football, but so intuitive, even your nan could play.

Our contributions

  • User experience design
  • Prototyping
  • User interface design
  • User research
  • Web development (Ruby on Rails & React)
  • User testing
  • Analytics
  • Ongoing feature development

Play anywhere, on everything

When designing a game to reach such a wide audience, careful consideration was required when approaching the type of platform to launch on. Native and cross-platform apps provide the best opportunity for mobile, but building a game to be played everywhere, without compromise, led us to create a fully web-based experience – with the animations to make the experience feel as native as possible.


Disney Animated


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